The Andromeda feature of One Mass Effect that was really good
May. 26, 2020

Although BioWare can learn a lot from Mass Effect Andromeda, it does have a rebuy feature that could and should go back to ME5.


A review of Anthem, Dragon Age 4, and Mass Effect 5 seems to be on the BioWare plate, which means that many of the developer's fans are optimistic about the future.


When Mass Effect Andromeda was released, it was believed by many to be the lowest BioWare of all time. It was a crazy race where some praised her to some degree (while falling behind the Mass Effect trilogy) while others criticized her.


However, one feature was well received and was a nice relief, namely the Mass Effect Andromeda combat system.


Andromeda of mass effect


Unlike previous games, Mass Effect Andromeda has not tied players to a class. Instead, ME Andromeda players had combat profiles that allowed them to change their abilities in the middle of combat during their operation.


For example, Dragon Age Origins practically required a villain (Zevran or Leliana if not the player) to unlock items, while healing was required by ages (either the player or Wynne, or trust in the items). ) To a lesser extent, Mass Effect has always been the same path, while Mass Effect Andromeda has opened it up.


It was a fluid system that was even recognized at the time of commercialization prior to launch and actual release, but was also overshadowed by Mass Effect Andromeda's facial animation flaws.