The best purchases of La Liga 2 in career mode FIFA 18
Apr. 23, 2018

In the top league of Spain, Messi and Ronaldo are the slogans, but look a little more and you will find enough talent to make the trip.

With the B teams of the big clubs like Barcelona and Sevilla, which play in the second league of Spain, there is no lack of young talents outside of La Liga, but also in the first teams of small clubs.

We have chosen a La Liga that starts in the league 2 players who are good enough to play at the highest level or have the potential to do so. Each of them can be purchased in the first transfer period of a season in career mode. With prices between 800,000 and 13.5 million euros, there is one player for each budget.

As always, the prices shown are the ones we use to convince the selling clubs, but with the addition of sale or barter clauses, you can have them inscribe less.