The Elsword International Tournament Has Begun
Apr. 16, 2019

KOG Games is a free MMO publisher. This week, Elsword, one of its most popular offers, debuts for the first time in an international tournament. The competition begins now with the PVP League 1, the opening of the tournament in North America.

Elsworld Master would like to have several opportunities to progress. The first season runs until May 8; The second season begins on May 22 and ends on July 3. The fourth season begins on September 11 and ends on October 23. Each season offers potential prizes for a total of 30,000 K-ching (the Elseworld game currency).

The 32 best players of each season will participate in the international tournament where they will compete against 2 or 2 teams from around the world. Only one team can be named the best PVP team in Elsword in any existence.

KOG has added new bonuses and features to Elsword in honor of the contest. Players of level 10 and above will be offered a new chain search, with special rewards for those who complete it. Also look for new PVP features, including random match types 1vs1 and random team in the practice / free channel, and a rejection before a rematch when you find a match in the arena.