The first large Forza Horizon 4 content will arrive on October 25th
Oct. 23, 2018

Forza Horizon 4 is preparing for the first major content release on October 25, 2018, when it will receive the much anticipated Route Creator, a new Horizon story, Halloween party content and more.

That's exactly what Road Creator offers after landing more than 40 km, just under 65 km. The new Forza Horizon 4 Credits feature is not limited to placing tracks and control points. Therefore, we will soon see some leaders of the intelligent community.

Players create tracks by simply traversing them and establishing control points to optimize the track to their liking, be it a high-speed race or a slalom-like experience.

The next update of Forza Horizon 4 Credits presents a new British Racing Green Horizon Story that will bring even more British spirit to the game. The company has promised 10 new episodes of Horizon's "Motoring" television series, dedicated to history. British car, including Aston Martin and Talbot Sunbeam.

Playground games are relentless, they will not slow down with weekly seasonal changes, such as stable finds, temporary championships and public relations maneuvers. The update will bring 20 more events, including new exams and four seasonal public relations tricks.

Holders of a Forza Horizon 4 Credits car pass receive eight additional cars in a package twice a week, although the developer has not specified which one. Add to that the 10 new clothes and the five car horns and it's a true Halloween.