The single story of Battlefield V is the right way to play war games
Nov. 21, 2018

Battlefield V Xbox One Digital Code Global is an impressive cinematic game that contains all the restless chaos that awaits fans. More fun, like restless corpses in the midst of the air, and the game keeps the series updated. The control input is compact and fluid, everything looks really good and the interface is better than ever, which is a real success. The Battlefield V Xbox One Digital Code is undoubtedly a well-made object.

But while I was thinking about this revision, I could not escape a strange feeling. I've been playing in Battlefield since 2002. I spent thousands of hours playing these games. It is a curious and difficult fact to reconcile with my adult personal identity. A little earlier, I decided to love these games, and now I am doomed to master them.

After a few hours on my multiplayer tour, while the rest of the world was in the background, I had a real body experience. It was like watching a ghostly version of a young man carrying an enemy flag. Due to the tie, I felt like a passenger.

The "Great Game" mode of the game consists of several days of continuity, but the consequences of winning or losing a game are small. The multiplayer mode of Battlefield V is essentially the same mess: capture a point, fly a tank, fly an airplane, die, repeat. In the end, Battlefield is still a stone chisel with explosions, an exciting but unsuccessful experience.