Things You Need to Know as a Newbie in ArcheAge Online
Jun. 24, 2018

ArcheAge Online is a fantastic MMOPRG developed by Korean development company XL Games. Setting in the background where two main factions of pirates are fighting against each other. Players have the ability to affect the world of ArcheAge Online. PVP System in ArcheAge Online is cruel but exciting. Once you fail, you will lose your items. On the contrary, you will get your opponents’ items if you win. You can’t help falling in love with the game.

As an RPG, plenty of RPG elements are included in character creation. Though without many races to choose from, the physical look of your character is something that you can spend hours doing. Lots of details are open to you, you can choose according to your preference. But please be noted that it it impossible to change height or weight.The class system is pretty diverse with 10 different skillsets, players combine three of these to form a single class; there's around 120 different combinations to test and try out for players. There's even a way to change skillset after the selection but each skillset has its own experience level.

ArcheAge Online is heavily player based and influenced. At least 99% of all 'everyday' items are only sourced by player. Health and mana regen consumables can't be found with merchants. Instead you will need to find a player with good cooking or alchemist skills. There's nearly two dozen 'jobs' around and players need to find their own materials from natural resources, by growing it on their own farm or even by stealing them from other players. The land in ArcheAge Online is limited and only subscribers may own a farm to grow their own resources. The game is free to play but subscribers do get some noticeable benefits which can affect the game during the earlier levels at least.

The labour points system in ArcheAge Online prevents players from leveling up too quickly as these points are gained by completing many tasks and regenerating natural overtime while the player is in the game. This limits free-to-play players more, because subscribers are able to regenerate while offline Moreover, the speed will double when they log into the game. The cash shop is full of convenience items which aren't really needed, such as gold giving chests.

ArcheAge Online offers pay-to-play players a lot of convenience items. Though these won’t have a great effect in later stage, they can enable you to have better playing experience and are also helpful at early period. For MMO fans, it is certainly worth purchasing ArchAge gold to enjoy ArcheAge Online. GVGMall is a reliable site offering best ArchAge gold service. Reasonable price and quick delivery make it possible to satisfy all your requirements. Don’t hesitate any more!