Tips and tricks for Farming Simulator 19 beginners
Apr. 15, 2020

Tips and tricks for beginners in Farming Simulator 19, including how to manage weeds, make extra profits, and buy land.


Farming Simulator 19 was developed by Giants Software and, as its name implies, it is an agricultural simulator. It's not a "simulator" like a handheld simulator or a goat simulator, in which the game is more focused on comedy and almost ridiculously difficult movement mechanics.

Farming Simulator 19 Review: simple and easy


Farming Simulator 19 was developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Entertainment. This is the seventh main game in the series. It differs from its predecessors in that it is graphically impressive and adds new features.


Weeds throughout the farm simulator


When trying to grow plants, players will quickly realize that weeds are a problem. If these weeds can multiply until harvest, they reduce crop yield by 20%. Less income means less profit.


Therefore, it is better to suffocate and eliminate this problem when they are in their early stages of growth. If the field has not yet been planted, weeds are removed prematurely by plowing or cultivating the field.

Evaluate the land before buying in Farming Simulator


If the player wants to develop his agricultural business, it may be tempting to simply buy the largest plot with the largest area. However, it may be helpful to personally inspect the property before the purchase is complete.


Things the player wants to look for include uneven terrain, tree and rock locations, and whether there is enough room on the fields for the outbuildings. Terrain is particularly important.