Tomorrow You'll Finally See the 3rd Job Update Go Live!
Dec. 20, 2017

Tomorrow is a great day for Elsword with its biggest update of 2017 and the first of the three massive updates that will be made soon. Each character of Elsword receives a third kind of work for each work path. This means a total of 37 new job categories. This is the first update that adds the third job to the first line of work for each character.

Each character has 3 routes (Rose has 4), and each update introduces a new job for each character for each line. The data of the next 2 joblins will be published later.

In this exclusive video you will see a presentation of all the current characters, the main characteristics of the game and the new illustrations of the third work.

- The forgotten Elrian Shrine will be put online.
- The first and second advanced work positions are free during the period of the event for the update.
- For all the characters, except Rose and Ain, the size of the hands / feet has been adjusted for "aesthetic improvements" as requested by the community.
- Many articles and free events, including the improvement event.