Total War: Three Kingdoms - Best in Series, Best in Setting
Dec. 9, 2019

Total War THREE KINGDOMS Steam Key is the best Total War game and the best Three Kingdoms game of all time. I do not make this statement lightly; For two decades, I play different incarnations of this backdrop and this franchise. But the framework is ideal for Total War operation, and the Creative Assembly developer has adapted the series to Three Kingdoms to fit.

In the most superficial sense, it is a series of civil wars that characterized the Chinese Han Empire from the end of the second century and beyond. Z. until the third ended. In addition, the era of the Three Kingdoms became a decisive event in the literature and culture of the Civil War, such as the fall of the Roman Republic, the Wars of the Roses in England or the legends of the American Civil War to emerge of cultures.

It is the story of personalities larger than life who are involved in a titanic war not only for their territory, but also for their strategy, their politics and their morality, and that they may have achieved their goal. Pop cultural climate in the John Woo movie, Red Cliff.

Then you have a situation in which heroes like Liu Bei and Cao Cao represent both Pompey and Caesar or Neville and Richard III. Or do the literature Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, Cersei Lannister and Jon Snow. This is the story of superheroes dominated by games like Dynasty Warriors and Total Warhammer games with Malekith and Karl Franz who have prepared this franchise to prepare.

More than any other Total War game and more than any other strategy game, except Crusader Kings 2, Three Kingdoms is about characters. And Total War: Three Kingdoms is your experience.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is about people. When creating armies, don't start with a general, but add 20 units, as was the case with each total war since the original Shogun. It is different in this game, where you have a character responsible for a set of up to six units, three of which are allowed by army. As a result, the entire armies for Total War are normally large, but a large amount of personality is added because each third is linked to a person and each has its own identity and interaction with each other.

These characters are understood in a specific way. Each one ends with characteristics of the crossed king, where undecided characters do not like crucial characters and annoy the fiery characters around them. The more they interact with each other, in the same army, or strategically in the same province, or in common with the ruler, the more they begin to love these characters or hate them. This can lead to the construction of armies to gather characters that are understood as human, as well as characters whose surroundings have units that work well together.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is based on an intelligent and aesthetic system based on Chinese elements. Each of the five elements (earth, metal, water, wood, fire) corresponds to the colors yellow, purple, blue, green and red.

Each of these elements is associated with character classes, buildings and types of units. For example, green is the color of the champion class, the best duelists, which corresponds to agriculture and peasantry in types of construction and infantry with spear. In general, a champion has a spear infantry that makes available for recruitment in his suite, while deploying spears to build infrastructure generally results in an increase in food, population or taxes.

All this lies in the way Three Kingdoms creates its technological tree: a literal tree! - where each main branch corresponds to one of the elements / colors. Advancing the green leg improves the happiness of your champions, brings you more money from your farmers, grants new Spearman units and improves food production both directly and between buildings. It is a superbly elegant system. It is not essential, but it is useful to understand at a glance how all parts of the system fit together.

Since the Total War series is the most technologically advanced strategy game on the market, Three Kingdoms is perhaps the most impressive, more fluid than the recent incarnations of Warhammer.