Total War: Three Kingdoms - Best in the series
Nov. 18, 2019

Total War: Three Kingdoms is the best Total War game and the best three kingdoms game of all time. I do not make this statement lightly; For two decades, I have played several incarnations of this backdrop and this franchise. But the configuration is excellent for Total War operation, and the Creative Assembly developer has adapted the series to Three Kingdoms to fit perfectly.

Before engaging in the game itself, we should discuss what the attitude of the Three Kingdoms as a whole means. In the most superficial sense, it is a series of civil wars that characterized the Chinese Han Empire at the end of the second century and beyond. Until the third ended. In addition, the era of the Three Kingdoms has become a historic event in the literature and culture of the Civil War, such as the fall of the Roman Republic, the War of the Roses in England or the American legends of the American Civil War.

So, you have a situation where heroes like Liu Bei and Cao Cao represent both Pompey and César or Neville and Richard III or Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee ... or a fictional example of civil war takes literature, Cersei Lannister and Jon Snow. This is the story of superheroes dominated by games like Dynasty Warriors and Total Warhammer games with Malekith and Karl Franz who have prepared this franchise.

More than any other Total War game and more than any other strategy game, with the exception of Crusader Kings 2, Three Kingdoms is about characters. And Total War: Three Kingdoms makes it your experience.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is about people. When creating armies, do not start with a general, but add 20 units, as has been the case for every total war since the original Shogun. It is different in this game, where you have a character responsible for a set of up to six units, three of which are allowed by army. As a result, Total War's total armies are usually many, but a great personality is added, each third is linked to one person and each has its own identity and its own interactions.

For those of us who are completely absorbed in the romantic history of the Three Kingdoms, more information at the macro level will help to know who wins where and when. As in most Total Wars games, at the beginning of the game you only have information about your neighbors and gradually create information about the rest of the map.

The wide selection offered at the beginning of the campaigns in Romance or Registries mode was less interesting than expected. The romance mode, where the generals were unique units with super powers, was attractive to the environment and made the fight much more interesting that I soon got bored with the recording games that I had started.

I would also like to see the southern part of the elaborate map, more unique heroes and a better political map mode. Given the aggression of Creative Assembly in Warhammer and the announcement of the study, you can probably expect this to happen through patches, extensions and modifications. It is a great game with room to improve significantly.