Total War: Three Kingdoms Destiny prequel DLC to be released in January
Dec. 30, 2019

Creative Assembly is trying something different in its celestial DLC mandate for Total War: Three Kingdoms. In previous historical Total Wars games, the new campaigns separated from the big campaign, but this time you can start and continue with the prequel DLC.

This means that the six new playable factions, including the ruined Han dynasty, can continue to take power in the main campaign. Five of the original factions, as well as nine new characters and 40 new units will also be represented in the previous campaign.

The mandate of Heaven began in 182CE when the former Han Empire fought to stop the Yellow Turban rebels. The new factions are divided between the Han and the rebels, but as one of the other warlords, you can also enter and claim the title of Heaven.

It seems that the campaign will only grow as the future DLC will add more release dates, similar to Crusader Kings 2. Normally I would worry about what it would mean for lap times, but Three Kingdoms has the best performances and speed. and turns of a modern war and even the notoriously slow mortal empires.

With the DLC, a free update will introduce corrections, balance adjustments and a new warlord. Both will be available on Steam on January 16.