Tree of Savior- Important Notes on Speed Leveling
Jun. 12, 2018

Tree of Savior is a MMORPG attracting more and more players in recent years. Many players spare no efforts to level up fast in this grind-heavy MMORPG. However, it is impossible for every gamer to have enough time to absorb in Tree of Savior all the time. All the gamers are willing to know how to fast level up in Tree of Savior. For this reason, some important notes are listed below to help you:

1. There are large number of quests in Tree of Savior that you need to do because you’ll be rewarded with EXP cards.

2. Make sure that all the quests and maps you do can match with your level.

3. Remember to go back and forth between Klaipeda and Orsha regions, and make sure that don’t do any of the maps tasks above your levels.

4. In my honest opinion, it is better to stay at the very least 10 levels. Preferably try to stay within 5 levels if you can.

5. Don’t forget your EXP cards. When you start to fall behind from the map’s level, then use some EXP cards to catch up immediately.

6. No need to save EXP cards if you don’t want to do that. When you don’t need to use them, it is just better to same them. Once some player didn’t do much grinding at all and got to level 200.

7. Make sure that you also join party match (2nd option when talking to dungeon tower) when doing dungeon runs. After this you will gain additional bonus EXP from party matching.

8. You need to explore all the maps to 100% as Lena/Rena in Klaipeda gives you EXP cards depending on which map you explore. You also gain EXP cards from killing an amount of unknown monsters.

9. Enough money is never a bad thing. The currency used in Tree of Savior is called Tree of Savior Silver which is very helpful in the game. You can purchase Tree of Savior Silver in GVGMall with best price and quick delivery. Don’t hesitate if you want to have a better experience in the world of Tree of Savior.