Valve mobilizes Steam with the Steam Link application
May. 11, 2018

Valve announced through a blog yesterday that, in less than two weeks, the Steam Link application will be launched, which will allow users to play in their Steam Games library on mobile devices.

It's an exciting concept that offers Steam users new ways to play and, with a bit of luck, gives a new boost to both time and sales on the platform.

The Steam application, which supports iOS and Android devices, makes it available to more people. However, it should be noted that users need a 5 GHz network connection,many older mid-range phones will be excluded.

Now, the big question is how users control these games. Steam has promised Steam Controller and an MFI driver support compatible with mobile devices. But there is no discussion about touch screen controls in the press release. If a game controller is needed, this greatly reduces the use of the application.

Steam has also announced a Steam Video application that allows users to see the burgeoning library of Steam video content, just like Netflix.