Watch Dogs 2's 2 DLC can not be missed
May. 16, 2018

Watch Dogs 2, a game with a great open game of the world, a madman Hackerton maverick and many people throwing that was bitter for his inferior predecessor, had some good DLC, probably missed it.

Watch Dogs 2 had two extensions, one called Human Conditions, the other No Compromise. Both caused the open world to add several missions that were already full of things they could do.

Human conditions appeared three months after the launch of the basic game. It was marketed as the return of Jordi Chin, a character from the original game. More interesting was a line of missions with a self-directed Nudle car. Watch Dogs 2, based on the Grand Theft Auto Open World formula, offering a rich driving task.

No Compromise, set in the porn industry. In fact they go through the security systems and cameras in a large building where several pornographic films are made. Of course, there is a lot of humor about how all this is wild.

DLC of Watch Dogs 2 created for people whose expectations developed from the main game and were ready for something different or something more advanced.