Watch EA Madden NFL 18 Challenge online
Dec. 29, 2017

While Esports continues to explode, you know that Madden will be in full swing. The popular NFL video game series has just expanded to the point where CW is ready to dedicate prime time to competitive professional games.

Hence the EA Madden NFL 18 Challenge, a one-hour special that features one of the four major EA Madden NFL 18 events this year. While the tournament took place a few weeks ago, there is something to be said about the drama on television.

In particular, you have much more information about the players participating in this Madden tournament, since special zeros are in eight of them. Discover what motivates them, how to mentally prepare the game at the highest level, and more.

This is the fourth special issue of eSport in The CW in 2017, and it will be interesting to see if the network sees enough value to increase that number by 2018. One thing is certain: Madden is not "He's going everywhere, all like electronic sports in general, so it makes sense that each television channel look for ways to make it work.