What is your impression for Fallout 76?
Nov. 5, 2018

Fallout 76 Bethesda Key EU is the very first online multiplayer shooter in the Fallout franchise, with the biggest game world in the series and no NPCs in-game that you can talk to. The game is being developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It's coming out on November 14th, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Experience a Fallout game like never before in an online environment with other players that you can play with or fight against. Fallout 76 is set in the year 2102 and players get to explore the state of West Virginia only 25 years after the Great War which decimated the world with nuclear explosions. Players start in Vault 76, and as they leave it they discover a world four times larger than the one in Fallout 4 filled with all kinds of dangerous monsters, mutated animals, robots, and other players.

We are able to explore the open-world either alone or with a couple of friends. Various weapons can be found in the game, but you can also craft them. Assault rifles, plasma rifles, melee weapons, and all kinds of combinations can be used in order to take down the foes that you encounter on your journey. No other humans can be found in Fallout 76 besides other players. There are many quests and lore insights in the game which can be found through robots and holotapes.

The game also features the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform that lets you create your very own base. You can equip it with enforced walls, useful buildings, turrets, and many other things. Just keep in mind that other players can raid your home, so be sure to protect it well, as it is your safe haven from the rest of the post-apocalyptic world infested with all kinds of dangers.

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