What kind of problems is World of Warcraft Classic encountering?
Sep. 9, 2019

World Of Warcraft Classic is currently not available for some players. Blizzard has confirmed that the game is currently under DDoS attack and is working to solve the problems and make it work again.

Some World Of Warcraft fans think they found the group behind the attacks. Blizzard did not confirm if this user or group was really responsible. In Blizzard forums, players are not happy with the failures and errors they encounter.

Game developer Blizzard has announced that he will take steps to end a dubious cultivation and leveling method in World of Warcraft Classic, while insisting that the problem is not as serious as the players.

The feat includes Blizzard's decision to divide World of Warcraft Classic into layers. These are essentially multiple copies of the game world. The developers used levels in Retro World of Warcraft mode to prevent an influx of players from blocking the game due to the heavy load.

The problem lies in the practice of level change, where players move from one level to another. This is done by joining a group, because the player is automatically transferred to the level of the group in which the group is located.

Players can manage scarce resources and gain experience by eliminating their opponents from one level to another. The community is concerned that players who use diaper change will dive too soon.

In response, Pazorax, developer of World of Warcraft, posted on the official MMORPG forum that Blizzard was monitoring the situation. Some development measures prevent the exploitation of stratification, which can lead to delays in transmission between layers.

World of Warcraft Classic gives the 2006 player the status of MMORPG.