What To Do Before Shadowkeep Releases
Sep. 29, 2019

The third year of destiny 2 is coming. After a two-week delay, the game's next DLC expansion, Shadowkeep, will be released on October 1. Prior to this, the game will have a maintenance cycle of about 24 hours during which it will not be playable, which is important. All players, veteran or otherwise, should do something before the end of season 2. Store bright dust, complete specific tasks, disassemble items - here's a list of things you should do your own way, and we've compiled a guide to help you do it.




Throw out every ltem that turns into bright dust



Bungie revealed earlier this year that it was making major changes to Bright Dust, the special currency used to buy certain items in the game. items that previously would dismantle into Bright Dust will no longer do so once Shadowkeep releases. Instead, you'll only get glimmer and Legendary Shards.

This means you have a chance to store bright dust by breaking down the last thing you have, This will allow you to build up a stockpile of Bright Dust and then, once Shadowkeep releases, reacquire anything you might want back at the much more modest cost of glimmer and Legendary Shards.



PC players make sure be ready to migrate


With Bungie and Activision parting ways, Shadowkeep/New Light will release some PC versions that will migrate from blizzard's Battle.net launcher to Steam. Everything you own will be transferred, but the process involves several steps of your own. You'll need to connect to your account via Bungie's website, and if you recently purchased Silver on Battle.net, you'll have to log in by October 1 to make sure it's properly transferred to Steam.



Remove all your Weapon Mods and get some new



As with bright dust, weapon patterns have changed dramatically in shadowguard. They are no longer disposable items; Instead, every weapon mod you get is permanently unlocked, and you can insert weapons as many times as you want. disassembling these mods will allow you to mod components that you can then use to populate your collection with any mods you have lost. In the tower, both banshee and Ada sell modules - banshee has two specific modules that can be rotated out, while Ada sells random black armory modules.



Buy whatever seasonal Eververse item you still want



As the new season begins, the Eververse store will update its lineup, which may mean saying goodbye to all the luxury cosmetics you can find there right now. Be sure to give the store one last look before Shadowkeep to make sure you get whatever you want.



Complete the chain of tasks where you will lose progress



This recommendation primarily concerns questlines that involve doing certain things in Crucible. For instance, certain quests (such as Crucible pinnacles like Luna's Howl) ask you to reach Fabled rank in the Competitive playlist, while others (Redrix's Broadsword) ask you to reset your Valor rank in Crucible five times in a single season. The problem is, because these quests are given out piece-by-piece, you may not receive credit for something like reaching Fabled if you don't complete the preceding objectives before ranks are reset at the end of the season. If you've already spent time playing this season, you might be close to fulfilling these objectives.

It's entirely possible that some requirements will change or become easier to fulfill in the future, and if you decide to wait, you won't be excluded from completing those tasks. But to make the most of the time you've already spent playing, it's worth checking your game log.



Finish Out Your Title Grinds


This is more in favor of the core player in destiny 2, but if you've been trying to win a title and haven't done it yet, now's the time. While the title of the game won't go away (except for those winning moments that have), we'll be inundated with new content, and Bungie seems to have a plan in place to ensure a steady stream of new content after release. When there are new places to go and new things to do, do you really want to spend time running through the black armory or chasing the secrets of your ultimate dream city? Take that title now and you'll thank yourself later.






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