What you get for Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One
Sep. 30, 2018

An Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Key on Xbox Live costs around $46 on gvgmall.com and covers Xbox 360 and Xbox One. So, if you're an Xbox Live Gold member with an Xbox Live Gold Membership Key, you do not have to pay any additional fees.

Gold gives you access to a number of Xbox One features and applications, including access to HD movies and TV shows, live events, music and sports. Gold also grants access to Internet Explorer and Skype.

If Microsoft declares that Xbox Live Gold grants access to multiplayer games on Xbox One, it means it has access to the new Smart Match system, which combines players based on the game's ability, language and new calling system. Xbox One., Microsoft points out that while there is a game on the Xbox One, it does not have to wait in the lobby. You can play a game, watch TV or listen to music while Smart Match does its work and then jump.

In terms of applications, the Xbox One is similar to the Xbox 360: Netflix, Internet Explorer and Skype are behind Xbox Live Gold Paywall. This means that we are in the strange situation of having to pay to access Skype on the Xbox One while we are free for the PlayStation Vita from our competitors.