Who is Xbox All Access For?
Sep. 3, 2018

Microsoft recently announced the launch of the Xbox All Access program. This program charges users a monthly fee and offers an Xbox One S ($ 21.99 per month) or Xbox One X ($ 34.99 per month), as well as two years of subscription to Xbox Game Pass and xbox live gold membership key. After a two-year commitment, you will receive the Xbox One console and the services will be updated to a monthly subscription.

Microsoft promises more than 100 free games on Xbox Game Pass and xbox live gold membership key, including the "Exclusives" of Xbox One the day of its release.

If you have a PC for games, there is no reason to register, unless you want to have an Xbox One and can not buy a used system.

If you already have a PS4 but do not have a high-performance gaming PC, consider using this plan to access exclusive Xbox offers.

I think that the group that could find this agreement more attractive is that of households that are changing. If you do not have a PC or Play PS4, you can access AAA content with an Xbox One that you will not otherwise be able to play. The switch ports need to compromise meaningful graphics on their bigger and more capable siblings, and it would be nice to play them on the Xbox One X.