"WildStar" Experience Guide In US Server
Jan. 11, 2015

On May 31st, just today, WildStar is being operation, here help players quickly know "WildStar" core characteristics.

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Professional fighting career and career double - election mode There are two camps in game, each camp has four races, meets the needs of all types of players, totally of six careers. Each job can select two teams to locate, exporter or tanks / treatment, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the teaming, clear career mechanism and no repeat.

Diverse Upgrade Mode: event, tasks and battlefield all have

Upgrade and tasks basically learned the features of "World of Warcraft" and "Guild Wars 2". From single- task to public task, and challenge missions random triggered greatly enriched the upgrade course. Players like pvp can upgrade directly to the battlefield.


Overall, the upgrade process is not the focus of "WildStar", but it will not become the burden for players. Various types of players are able to find their favorite way.


No longer tracking missiles: Skills system reflects the degree of freedom

"WildStar" battle adopts more "thorough" non-locking operation mode.


Home Systems: High degree of freedom, gives players bonuses

Wild Planet home system can be said to be the strongest custom home system since having network.

Items systems like Diablo: random mosaic rune

WildStar items is like Diablo online mode, the same equipment, although the same value on the property, the number can be inlaid runes in the hole with the color is completely random. And you can also use WildStar Gold to strong your items. In the game there is no Equipment can change holes currently, so players can also keep the ultimate pursuit until opening up wasteland end.

More difficult copy system

Speaking of "WildStar" copy system, everyone's feeling is difficult, but interesting. In the interactive, "WildStar" completely withdrawals advantage of action games, in fighting would often require the team to walk with the situation, nove experience.

WildStar will be update large content once a month, adjust career skill every quarter, if you like fantasy style, can't miss this game.