WOW virtual gold is almost seven times more valuable than real money in Venezuela
May. 14, 2018

The virtual gold in "World of Warcraft", the online role-playing game, is almost seven times more valuable than the real money of Venezuela, whose economy is in ruins.

As the South American country is going through an economic crisis due to extreme inflation, the value of Bolívar has cratered.

A dollar today is worth 68,915 bolivars, according to the exchange rate of the black market of the inhabitants. The black market rate is considered more reliable than the official rate, since the Venezuelan government has lost credibility with a large part of its population.

Conversely, a token or official credit in the game "WoW" is worth $ 20. The tokens are also sold to other players for gold and their value changes through auctions worldwide. According to a WoW token price tracker, a chip is currently worth 201,707 virtual gold coins.

Which means that a single dollar in WoW exchanges 10,085 gold coins. This makes false money in Azeroth, the mythical world of gambling, approximately 6.8 times more valuable than the Venezuelan bolivar.