Xbox All Access is real and a great deal
Sep. 11, 2018

If you do not have Xbox One yet, Microsoft is taking a bold and aggressive step to offer you its new Xbox All-Access financing plan. For 24 monthly payments, you will receive an Xbox One X or Xbox One with xbox live gold membership key and Game Pass for less than you would have paid if you purchased and subscribed separately to all these Microsoft products.

This means you will receive the console, online multiplayer service and the Netflix Game Pass program for a monthly payment.

This is the first time that a console manufacturer has tried something like a great first game financing plan in the US. And that could be a success since many people are used to paying for their phones, video and others every month.

The Xbox One S plan starts at $ 22 per month and the Xbox One X plan starts at $ 35. This is not a lease program. Instead, it works a lot when we buy smartphones from T-Mobile or other major operators. This monthly payment covers the cost of the Xbox One that belongs to you. And then, the rest of the money pays for the services.

But unlike these phone plans, Xbox All Access is actually cheaper than buying an Xbox One directly, then for two years for xbox live gold membership key and Game Pass.