Steam Digital Gift Cards are now available
Apr. 21, 2018
A new gift service called Steam Digital Gift Cards is now available at GVGMall.

As the name implies, it is essentially a combination of physical Steam gift cards and the existing gift system that allows users to put money directly into the Steam wallets of the people on their wish list. friends.

New gift cards can be used to buy everything on Steam, including games, micro-transaction items, hardware and things in the community market.

Valve said the new configuration will not replace the existing gift system, but you can give something if you do not really know what the person wants, essentially the same as traditional gift cards.

Some key points: digital gift cards are only available in predetermined quantities, and purchases are located in the recipient's currency and then converted to the recipient.

You can only send digital gift cards to people who have been on your friends list for at least three days and can not use your own Steam Wallet funds.