Battlefield V explains better why you died
Jan. 16, 2019

The latest Battlefield V Origin CD Key update may not contain a lot of content, but it can have a big impact on your gameplay style. The first chapter 2: Lightning Strikes update is here. Dramatically modify "the experience of death" to explain clearly why you died.


Now there is a camera that tracks your murderer and you will see his name in the game world if he hits you. It should also be clearer when threatened: the tracer rounds should always appear as if they are coming from the shooter, and the damage indicators are more accurate. It sounds like a simple change, but it could make a big difference for Battlefield V Origin CD Key newcomers and veterans who hope to learn from their mistakes.



Fortunately, there is new material. The update introduced a limited-time Squad Conquest mode that intends to be a "concentrated" version of the known Conquest system. This reduces the number of players to 32 and two teams try to score three points in smaller and faster battles. Squad Conquest will only be available between January 17 and 30 for the three maps variants, but it would not surprise us if it returns and becomes popular.