NBA 2K19: A Pro-Am Private Matchmaking is discovered
Aug. 27, 2018

How good would it be for NBA 2K Pro-Am players to create a password they could share with friends to create private parties? In addition, such a system could help start-up organizations better organize their own tournaments and leagues for competitive games, is not it?

On Saturday, Ronnie Singh, competed in the NBA 2K19 Steam Key final. There, he joins the league's chief analyst to announce the return of private meetings. It was one of the most requested features of the 2K Pro-Am community. This is another improvement in the NBA 2K19 that shows that the 2K developers are working hard to reassure their fans after the year of publication has received a lot of flaws for the series.

Players can not only form teams with friends to challenge other friends, but leagues like MPBA and WR should have much simpler planning and confrontation teams. This will only strengthen these organizations and increase their chances of becoming a more established league for the NBA 2K League.

Some critics have doubted that the 2K brings this type of feature since some thought that this feature could minimize the attention of the NBA 2K League. Of course, this was not the case, as we are ready to enter a new era of pro-competitive betting games in the NBA 2K League.