Guild Wars 2: Build Templates
Nov. 4, 2019

Guild Wars 2 receives construction and equipment models. ArenaNet's latest addition to the highly anticipated MMORPG offers tirios more combat options.


One of the most requested features entering the game can be even more expected that the announcement of another expansion. This feature is now available as a free update to Guild Wars 2, giving the characters combat great flexibility.



Construction models do exactly what you expect. Guild Wars 2 has exploded in complexity from its original vision of an accessible MMO. Construction templates are intended to reduce the amount of time spent configuring character knowledge and associated properties in a menu system. When you click H in the Heroes panel, you access the appropriate menu systems, where you can right-click on the usual compilation option.



When connecting to compile the interface, it is obvious that they have not made any changes. At a glance, a selection of tabs and sidebar locations are now aligned in the pages of the Construction menu. Each of these numbered at the top of the screen contains a template locations active creation. Players receive three free active compilation templates that mimic the three main game modes of the game and can use them independently to create a specific game style.



Copying compilation templates is one of the most useful features of this update. It gives players the ability to display or transfer your generations in a simple two-click process. You can even include compilations in the chat, which will significantly reduce the time needed to communicate compilations of optimal raids or PvP attributes before fighting.



With the various user interface improvements, players can see the tabs to which a particular device is connected and even display a breakdown of the resulting statistics that apply to a particular interrupt equipment model. Unlike construction models, they cannot be saved, probably because the devices are available at one time or another.