Hitman 2’s Latest Elusive Target: The Appraiser
Jan. 29, 2019

The latest elusive goal of Hitman 2 Steam CD Key began this weekend. The objective of this mission is Miranda Jamison, director of the Gorka Institute in Barcelona. The Gorka Institute is the largest art authentication facility in the world. Jamison has taken advantage of this strong position to raise the prices of art throughout the world and ensure that only the artists she support can gain world renown. This has caused the failure of many small art galleries and many humiliated artists commit suicide. Our mission is to kill Jamison when she is on the secretive Ark Society on Sgail Island, where she wants to give Nathaniel Drake a stolen painting.

The first step of a Hitman 2 Steam CD Key mission is to find your target. Like most high-quality targets on the island of Sgail, Jamison is usually deep inside the fortress. Her path begins in a small adjacent room where she evaluates some valuable artifacts and small works of art. From there, she goes outside to a fairly protected area and finally inside the castle. Sometimes, she will enter the art gallery in front of the Artifact Hall, although this can only happen in her first loop after encountering her.

There are some possible opportunities in this loop. First, the small storage room across the gallery room. Jamison stops there in each loop and the room is very isolated. The room is small and there are only two entrances to take into account. If Jamison is not present, the room is occupied by an armed guard and two artistic appraisers.