In MapleStory 2: You are not doing nothing, but can do a lot of things.
Nov. 16, 2018

Regard of the level of the game, if you do not focus on the maximum value, you can do many mini-games. These minigames are displayed on the screen from time to time. Everyone offers an experience and MapleStory 2 Mesos as a reward. If you go on the last lap, you will receive a Kay coin, which can be used in Queenstown and to get prizes.

Another thing you can do while leveling is playing music and fishing. Both activities give you experience points and can be considered an alternative way to evaluate your character. If you do not want to perform these activities manually on your computer, you can activate them with a coupon or by paying in automatic mode.

Like most MMOs, MapleStory 2 has an exchange. Currently, the amount of materials that can be collected at the same time is limited. As for the type of crafts, there is forge, crafts, alchemy and cooking. Everyone has some kind of compilation to mate with. The types of collection are: mining, foraging, livestock and agriculture. Livestock goes hand in hand with crafts and agriculture with cooking.

Most of the time, these artisan trees help to solve the costume objects and organize them by classifying them. The player can create items to increase the profits of various collection activities or crafts. They are also capable of making objects with temporary improvements. In the final stages of the ship, players can make weapons even if they are not as powerful as those that can be acquired in a dungeon.