Lineage II: Revolution Became a Victim of "Piracy Servers"
Dec. 5, 2018

Lineage II: Revolution is based on the colorful imaginary world of NCSoft's traditional Lineage II series, featuring tribes known as humans, orcs, elves and endless battles. Of course, to adapt to modern tastes, the game has changed a lot to adapt to the A-RPG games on the phone. In addition, the graphics of the game have also seduced with the monumental Unreal Engine 4 graphics platform.

The game is also considered "the asset" of Netmarble to conquer the global market. Lineage II: Revolution was launched last year in eleven Asian countries and is expected to launch in August in Japan and November 2017 around the world.

After 4 months of release, the charm of Lineage II: Revolution showed no signs of improvement due to competition in terms of quality and reputation. Recently, however, there was a private server Lineage II: Revolution, which opened in Vietnam with many incentives. This server is "hacked" and works quite well.

Since its launch in mid-November, Private Lineage II: Revolution has attracted a large number of players. However, Thanh Nien Game recommends players be careful when participating in the "spontaneous" server, as they can not guarantee stability and long-term operation.