The Division 2 Console Players Do Half As Much Damage Due to Bug
Jun. 10, 2019

An error in Tom Clancys The Division 2 Uplay Key prevents players on consoles from causing as much damage as PC players. However, this is not the first time that console players have problems with the game. Many PS4 and Xbox One players have complained about the near impossibility of attacking the game. which is related to the weakening of the damage caused by the error.

Raids for high level players consist of eight players per team. Although they are supposed to offer a stimulating gaming experience, the challenge for those who play the title on the consoles seems to be even greater.

Some console players report an error that prevents them from causing as much damage as the players on the PC. The players complained in a thread on the Ubisoft forums about how the ammunition seems to disappear when the enemies are shot. The players report that approximately half of their bullets are lost and they have less ammunition. Many continued to test the theory on a reddit thread, most getting the same results. The consensus is that the limitation of fps in the consoles is the culprit.

Tom Clancys The Division 2 Uplay Key, like most AAA multiplayer games, was launched with a series of bugs and problems. Although most problems are not fun, these errors can affect the game experience. From the beginning, Division 2 players reported errors that prevent players from using their skills. Although Ubisoft has corrected the problem of skills, there are many others, players report new problems every day.